A little bit about us and how we operate.

How does this work?


Most of our customers schedule appointments to bring their items to our Acton location.  Although, if you have a large collection we may be able to come to you. What you are selling and the distance to travel will help determine if this is a feasible option.

Once we've reviewed your collection and are still interested, we will make a fair offer based on the conditions and current market value.  If we are in agreement on the terms, payment is made on the spot and we'll take immediate possession of the items.  We do not consign.

New local record store in Acton


Our primary selling platform is through eBay but in 2018 we partnered with Great Road Vintage at 276 Great Road in Acton to sell vinyl LPs and other music collectibles at our Flip Over Record booth.  If you travel through Acton I hope you stop in and check us out and all the other great vendors there.

Great Road Vintage

What our customers are saying


  • "Great packaging and product! I couldn't find a copy of this anywhere and  you came up with a pristine copy 
  • "Lots of hard to find vinyl, posters with excellent prices"
  • Mike helped me find a home for the records he could not purchase.
  • Paid a fair price for my classical collection that other stores wouldn't consider.

Just the wax FAQs


Do you buy all records?  We're sorry but we can only purchase vinyl that is currently marketable (see "The Flip Side" for more details.

How much do you pay? We will offer a fair price but we don't quote actual prices until we've had a chance to inspect the items for condition and contents.

Do you buy non-working equipment? We do not.

Do you buy commercial equipment? Probably not; most of our customers are looking for home audio equipment.